2009: Some selected Learning Tango articles

2nd January 2010

I thought it'd be useful at this time, to review a selection of the articles we've had in 2010, and to thank all article contributors for their work. So I've selected 4 articles for each month.

(Here's the equivalent article listing favourite 2008 articles)

I hope you enjoy (re-)reading them.

As always, if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, please mail me at dance@jivetango.co.uk.


La Dulce - the start The first journal contribution from the lovely La Dulce.
What have you got... ... in your rucksack? A helpful guide as to what to carry.
One year on, three years on... Some interesting ideas in the Tango Fusion area.
The Simpsons Guide to Tango Because we all need one of these.

All January articles.


Jacqui's Journey Episode IV of Jacqui's Journal
Beginning Tango Some good tips for getting started
Milongerwocky A poem from BorderTangoMan
Wax On, Wax Off Moving on up in Tango

All February articles.


Disputanda: Escapism Another 2009 blogger-ette, Disputanda
Review: Tango Boot Camp The "step into spring" training reviewed
Tango Highs and Lows What to expect on your journey
Shaping How to lead with shapes

All March articles.


La Dulce (again) "I didn't know where to look"...
Tango Basics: Posture Some fundamentals on posture
TARDIS Tango It's bigger on the inside...
Marc And Rachel - photos Lovely photos courtesy of Rebecca Portsmouth

All April articles.


London Codigos A humourous take on London dancers
Disputanda again It's a kind of magic...
Tango Basics: walking Following on from "posture"
Lesson notes From my first ever class!

All May articles.


A lightbulb moment There are no practicas in London
Review: Bramshaw bodyshop Away from the London fold
BorderTangoMan's Ultimate Neotango playlist One in the "Music" section
July 2009: Tango course syllabus My first proper course :)

All June articles.


Shoerotica: fun Some very very strange shoes...
Painting Tango Paintings, from Chris
Disputanda: rain season child Some more contributions
Don'ts For Women - from a leader's perspective

All July articles.


Cristalisa: breaking the code Some more journal experiences
Lies to Children Some musings on learning / teaching
More Cabaceo Thoughts on Tango etiquette
Tango Improvers Syllabus for an improver's course

All August articles.


The DVIDA Syllabus - examined A look at a tango syllabus
"Do"s For Followers - from a leader's perspective
Genuine Tango What is it?
The Fifth Tango Humage to the Fifth Element.

All September articles.


Andreas Wichter class Review of a workshop
Tango Glossary Updated glossary of terms
Let's talk bottom Not quite as bad as it sounds
If... Tango An adaptive poem

All October articles.


Berko Tango - playlist for Sunday 22nd November
Nuevo - beyond sequences Some thoughts and ideas
Dances with beginners With diagrams and everything!
Review: Tango Mango One of several...

All November articles.


Speed Keep above 2 miles per hour or...
Floorcraft Again Playing Frogger - in real life...
How men and women learn Tango Well, it's a start
La Dulce To round off the year...

All December articles.

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 - David Bailey, 20th December 2009